About Caltech WEB

CalTech Web was founded with one goal, support churches and non-profit ministries fulfill their God-given calling. That is accomplished by removing technological constraints and giving back time and energy.

Brandon Hopkins and Nathan Newberry, co-founders, are committed Christians who both serve in their local churches.

Brandon Hopkins

Image of Brandon Hopkins

Brandon Hopkins serves his local church as an elder, teaches and adult Bible study, hosts a Community Group, and works with his local Awana program. 

He is currently pursuing an M.Div through the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has been married nearly 20 years and has 7 children.

Nathan Newberry

nathan newberry profile

Nathan Newberry has served churches in the states and overseas as long as he can remember. He has served in pastoral, staff, and volunteer positions.

Nathan is pursuing an M.Div through the Calvary Chapel Bible College.

He has been married 10 years and has 2 children.

Next Steps

We are committed to your church, ministry, and success. Let us know how we can help, or schedule a time to chat with us.