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A website should be easy, quick, and affordable. “Only $99 per month, what’s the catch?”

We can handle everything. Mike told us who printed his shirts and we called them to get the logo. Mike literally did not have to do anything.

Most websites are completed in 2 weeks. That’s start to finish. We will source any content you have, get it all online and give you a website you can be happy with.

An affordable small business website should not make a difference to the bottom line. Our prices include unlimited updates and changes, forever.

Only $99 per month, what’s the catch?

“Only $99 per month, what’s the catch?”

That was the first question that Mike asked when he called. After he had seen our low-priced website design offer, he knew there had to be a catch.

Companies looking for affordable website design and development are left with two options, the first is to do it yourself.

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If you want to become a website designer, you can certainly try and learn how to create a good looking, mobile-responsive, lead generating website.

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The second option is to wade through the mud of overseas companies that all offer the exact same thing, poor customer service, unintelligible website content that includes misspellings, poor grammar choices and other embarrassing mistakes.

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Most small business owners don’t have the time or desire to learn website design. They don’t want to manage a registrar, buy a domain name, set up nameservers, evaluate and buy the correct website hosting and that all happens before you even start with the website design!

Small business owners are busy, we understand that. We handle everything. That was Mike’s second concern.

“I’m Busy”

“I don’t have time to manage you. I have too many things on my plate, a website is a headache that I don’t want to deal with. $99/month is reasonable to get rid of a headache for me.

Management should be reserved for your business. An affordable website design company for your concrete company shouldn’t be another burden for you.

We aren’t a burden. We will ask a few questions to give us direction and then take it from there. The next question we ask will be, “Here is your site – What do you think?”

Mike is a real client. Here is the website we designed for him. Typical turnaround time is about two weeks. We finished Mike’s website and had it online in less than 24 hours!

See the live website

We don’t just have examples of fake websites, we have the real thing.

Logo of Fuentes Concrete Inc., featuring stylized green lettering with the word 'FUENTES' above and 'CONCRETE INC.' below in smaller font.

“As a business owner, I know I need a website, but I don’t have time for it. I have too many things on my plate, a website is a headache that I don’t want to deal with. $99/month is reasonable to get rid of a headache for me. Huge THANK YOU to CalTech Web for producing such a great website for us!”


Your website next?

We’re ready to get started on your site, do you have questions or concerns? Each situation and customer is different, we’re happy to answer any questions you have. No obligation, no pressure. Ready to get started? We’re available to help!

ONLY $99 per month!

No design fees.No hourly rates. No hassle. It’s that simple.