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With millions of insurance agencies scattered across the United States, there is so much competition that only the most exceptional agencies manage to stand out. As more businesses and consumers rely on the internet as their primary tool for finding and researching insurance agencies, there is arguably no better time for your insurance company to have a remarkable website than now. According to a study conducted in 2012, 85% of the average consumers used the internet to find and research local businesses. This figure has gone up ever since and will likely not stop rising anytime soon. With over half of these potential clients not visiting any websites beyond the first page of search engine results, the performance of your website significantly determines your success as a business. Your website is often the first point of interaction with potential customers; hence, it pays to have a professional, aesthetic, fully functional and easy-to-use website to minimize the chances of losing potential clients. At CalTech Web, we take pride in creating modern, high-quality websites for many businesses, including insurance agencies. Perhaps your company has never had its own website, or maybe it had a website but, for a myriad of reasons, did not perform as you expected. Regardless, our talented team of experts can help you build the website your business deserves and consequently establish your presence on the web. Over the years, we have worked with many insurance agents like you to develop both business and personal websites. Therefore, you can count on our vast experience and knowledge to create your own affordable insurance agent website.
Each passing minute that your insurance agency is not online is a minute lost in potential business. Here are some of the benefits your business stands to gain by having a well-designed website. Accessibility By far, the greatest reason for your insurance company to have a website is accessibility by potential clients. After all, your company will not have any clients to do business with if they cannot reach you in the first place. Similar to how you are not always free to answer all of your clients’ questions, your potential clients do not always have the time to contact you. By creating a professional website with essential information about your business and an informative FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, you can make life easier for both you and any potential clients. Also, including contact information enables website visitors to ask you any urgent questions, to which you can respond at the most convenient time. Credibility While your company may already have a loyal customer base, you may find it challenging to gain the trust of prospective customers without an online presence. People who view your physical ads and fail to find your business online are likely to pick your competitors instead. This not only misses you out on new customers but also wastes the money spent on physical ads. Creating an affordable insurance agent website will make your ad spend more efficient and enhance your chances of gaining new customers. Positive Reviews Positive reviews are a powerful source of social proof, not to mention effective word-of-mouth advertising. Having a reviews section where satisfied clients can share their feedback will help create a positive impression of your company among new website visitors.

At CalTech, we provide the following web design services for insurance agencies:

  • Rapid Web Design
    As the name suggests, we develop and launch your company’s website in the shortest time possible; preferably 30 days or less. However, this expedited service involves using a template that you get to choose before we customize it to suit your brand.
  • Website Redesign
    Are you unhappy with your current website? Then our fully customizable website redesign services might be what you need. This service involves building your agency a brand-new website, arranging the necessary redirects and backups and much more.
  • Web Design
    This service is tailored for businesses that do not have a website. It involves creating a fully customizable website from scratch with a host of features to enhance its functionality. For instance, we can handle database integration and include secure payment systems.

Regardless of the service you deem best for your company, you will go through the following process:

  • Meeting Your Project Manager
    At CalTech Web, project managers are our primary point of contact with the clients. By partnering with one of our project managers experienced in designing websites for insurance agencies, you are guaranteed a seamless process from the get-go.
  • Discussing Your Preferred Web Designs
    Besides getting up to speed with your company, its goals and website requirements, your project manager also needs to understand your vision of a perfect website. Sharing examples of similar websites or providing vivid descriptions of your desired website should suffice.
  • Providing Feedback
    Your assigned project manager will work with you hand in hand throughout the website design process. This puts you in a position to provide meaningful input, e.g., giving feedback on different designs before developing your site. That way, you can guide your project manager to build a site that meets all your requirements.
  • Launching Your Site
    After confirming the developed site meets your requirements, our team of developers will launch it for you. For website redesign services, we will set up the necessary redirects to keep your website’s SEO intact. Interfering with your website’s SEO could affect its ability to rank on search engines and generate leads.

Most people looking for affordable insurance agent websites are not exactly searching for impressive looks; however, looks can help your website to some extent. Having an aesthetically pleasing website starts off your website visitors with a pleasant surprise and could get them hooked to your brand.

If you were to ask your clientele why they remain loyal, you would get different answers. Perhaps they enjoy your personality, reliability or even find your pricing competitive. Regardless of the reason, insurance as a field favors the companies that can make their clients feel well taken care of, not to mention confident in their abilities.

At CalTech Web, we aim to bring out your most prominent features through web design. Our designers are experienced in creating powerful sites across various areas of expertise, including:

  • Home insurance
  • Corporate insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Auto insurance

Once you begin working with us, we will partner you with a project manager/account executive and a web designer. They will work round-the-clock until your dream website comes into fruition, accurately represents your agency and its values and is visible to everyone you intend to see it.

The astounding qualities of your agency that make it stand out from the competition are crucial. Let us help you show everyone why your business is unique.

Through our years of experience, we have understood the subtleties of designing successful insurance agency websites. Here are the best practices we will follow to ensure your website does not disappoint.

Responsive Web Design and Mobile-friendliness

A growing number of internet users are performing most of their online activities on smartphones and tablets. This includes everything from finding and researching insurance companies to purchasing new plans from the comfort of their phones.

That said, if your company’s website is not optimized for smaller screens, you could miss out on a massive chunk of new customers. Your website visitors are more likely to opt for a competitor’s website if they frequently have to zoom in or scroll to view content.

We can significantly enhance the mobile-friendliness of your website’s design through a concept called responsive design. Responsive design entails organizing various design elements of your website, such that it automatically scales to fit the screen sizes of different devices.

Through responsive design, your website visitors will have very similar visual experiences regardless of their devices. Such inclusivity can help minimize your site’s bounce rate while boosting other vital metrics, e.g., average session duration and conversion rate.

Clean, Appealing Modern Layout

Nowadays, most customers associate company websites with the quality of service they can provide. If your website’s design looks outdated, some visitors may conclude that your policies are also outdated.

While integrating responsive design can make your website act and look better, it will not necessarily boost every website metric. A site that is not attractive and appealing to its visitors still faces the risk of losing out to competitors’ websites with more visual appeal.

We focus on developing websites with clean, modern layouts that will likely intrigue a broad range of visitors. This often involves using neutral colors such as white and gray, huge, eye-catching banners or photos instead of stock images or small thumbnails and drop-down menus.

Quick Loading Time

Numerous studies have revealed a strong correlation between slow websites, lower search engine rankings, and lower revenues. Since most consumers are no longer willing to put up with slow websites, having a design that hinders your site’s loading time could make you lose more revenue than you imagine.
We avoid slow loading times by performing tests to determine how long your website takes to load and how to optimize it, particularly during a website redesign. Some common techniques we use to optimize loading times include:

  • Minimizing HTTP requests
  • Optimizing image sizes and formats
  • Removing unused scripts/files
  • Optimizing browser caching
  • Minifying CSS, HTML and JavaScript

Minimalist, Easy-to-Understand Navigation

While you may offer a rich variety of policies and plans, it can be quite frustrating for your website visitors to navigate endlessly in the hope of stumbling upon what they need. However, this does not imply presenting links to all the options you offer from the main navigation menu.

Instead, we prefer condensing important links into sub-menus or linking them from designated landing pages with obvious titles, e.g., policies or home insurance plans. If there are specific pages you wish to link, but they are not as important as other pages, we often prefer putting them in the footer rather than the top menu. After all, most website visitors typically expect pages like social media links, the site disclaimer and privacy policy at the bottom of the site.

Easy Access to Crucial Information

Insurance agency websites are virtually incomplete without quick access to crucial information such as contact information, proof of insurance and policy documents. Potential clients with a question about a quote are likely to feel frustrated and leave if they cannot quickly access your contact information. Likewise, current clients may become infuriated if they cannot access their policy information easily.

Our designers have vast experience in accommodating the information needs of various website visitors. We aim to provide quick access to important information by integrating it within your site’s design.

Online Quotes Integration

We understand that most insurance agency customers demand quick access to online quotes. In fact, providing a quote calculator on your website prevents potential clients from switching to your competitors for quick estimates.

This is why we include quote calculators in our website designs. Our calculators include prefilled forms that allow users to enter the necessary details without wading through unnecessary questions.

CTA (Call-to-Action) Buttons

CTA fuses eye-catching graphics and copy to encourage people to take specific actions such as providing information like their name, phone number and email before accessing important information. By including CTA buttons at strategic points on your site, we can help you:

  • Determine the services most clients are interested in, so you can follow them up with additional information and possibly upsell them
  • Gauge whether your site visitors are often ready to purchase or just casually browsing

After launching your website, most people will find it in either of these two ways:

  • General review websites like Yelp, or specialized review websites like US Insurance Agents
  • Search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo

While reviews are incredible for SEO, they can be a bit opinionated and difficult to control. Search engine results, on the other hand, give you more control over the information internet users view about your company. Using tools such as backlinks, citations, social media and landing pages, our team of experts can optimize your site’s SEO to ensure potential clients find you through search engine results.


Citations are your website’s digital signature and a vital component in achieving a healthy search engine ranking. It includes anywhere your site’s name, address, or phone number appears online. We can create good citations for your company or claim and clean them if they are available online.


Link building forms the bulk of all SEO efforts. After all, where would viral posts be without the internet users sharing links to the posts? Generally, the more your site garners qualified backlinks, the more search engines recognize it as an authority.

Landing Pages

Writing killer content is an essential part of creating high converting landing pages, especially when targeting specific audiences. While this may seem overwhelming, our content team is experienced at researching different topics and creating amazing landing pages.

Besides developing websites, we love helping our clients with their SEO work. By partnering with us, you get to enjoy a competent team handling your SEO work behind-the-scenes while you focus on satisfying your clients to the fullest.

As one insurance agency among millions of agencies across North America, you deserve a modern, aesthetic and fully functional website that sets you apart. By working with CalTech Web, you get to tap into a talented pool of web designers and SEO experts with years of experience helping insurance agencies like yours establish a web presence.

Whether you need to breathe new life into your current website or begin from scratch, our team can lay a solid foundation and launch your site to greatness. Contact us today to discover the amazing deals we have in store for you.

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