Affordable Web Design Branding

"A question many business owners have when doing business online is "How do I make my business successful on the competitive online space?" Our simple answer to this is … Web design branding."

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What is website branding?

Website branding is the customization of a personal or business website in a way that makes the identity of the person or business articulated well. Visitors to the website know exactly what the business does at the first glance. In other words, a well-branded website communicates easily to the audience by capturing their attention and setting their expectations.

The basics of branding a website

Just like in the dynamic world of business, every website owner has his or her own strategies that they use to make the site stand out. However, every website should have some fundamental aspects in order to identify as a brand.

"A well-branded website communicates easily to the audience by capturing their attention and setting their expectations."

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A logo serves as the first impression for people who visit your website. Logos should be simple and capable of communicating what the website is associated with immediately. You can choose to go with a logo that represents what the business does. For instance, a fast food delivery business can choose a logo that has a rider and a steaming delivery box as their logo. For effective communication, adding a tagline below the logo also helps you to communicate what the business does and works to boost your company branding efforts.


Professional logos are designed by graphic designers who offer their services on different freelancing platforms. A good place to search for talent for professional logo design services is Upwork or freelancer.


If you don’t have a budget for professional logo design, the internet also has websites that allow you to create a custom logo based on the nature of your business for free. Sample some of the free logos at freelogodesign and many other websites that take your business name, the kind of business you do, and help you come up with a free logo in minutes.

Choice of color

The colors used on the website should be easy on the eyes. This helps the visitors of the website to read all the information contained on it to the end. Some colors like pink, purple, and light green are better when targeting a female audience while other bolder colors like orange and brown are considered more attractive to male audiences.

Neutral colors like blue are good for websites’ landing pages while colors like red and yellow should be used when you want to grab the attention of the reader. It is also imperative to note that pop-up banners and important alerts communicate better when designed with shouting colors.

The color scheme for the entire website should match with the colors on the logo. Be sure to use contrasting colors for text and the webpages background to make it easy for the visitors to read the text content.

Infuse character to your website

Knowing your target customers and understanding what they associate with helps you connect with them better. If your business sells a certain product or service, creating a story behind it can boost your conversion rate better than hard selling.

Adding character to the website allows you to build trust with your customers and helps your website reach out to a bigger audience.


Building an audience that is interested in your website is only but the first step towards successful branding. Keeping the audience interested is another vital variable that brands who want to dominate the online space should be keen on.

Updating the webpages regularly is a good practice that many brands should adopt. Keep the content fresh and try to relate the content to the current issues that affect the audience.

For instance, during the corona virus pandemic, many website owners have had to put up pop up banners on their homepages to remind their audience to keep safe. Anyone who visits such a website gets the feeling that the business cares about their welfare.

Use visuals to communicate

A picture can speak a thousand words. Infusing photos and video content on your website helps you to communicate better to your audience. Your audience is more inclined to remember something they saw rather than something they read. Photos and videos are also a great way to break the monotony of communicating to the audience using plain text.

Any photos you use on the website should be relevant with what you want to communicate. You can choose to take professional photos of your business premises, products, or colleagues or choose to source photos from online resources like shutterstock or depositimages.


One of the key goals of web design branding is to make the website stand out from the competition. To do that, your website should be unique.

Uniqueness can be achieved in a number of ways. First, ensure that the logo is displayed conspicuously on every page. The top left corner works well for many websites. Dynamic web design technologies also allow you to have the logo placed at the center of the page when it loads, and then move the logo to the top left corner when the user scrolls down on the page.

Another way to make your company branding efforts easy and ensure the brand stands out is to ensure that your logo is always present on any visual content you have on the website. Any photos or videos should have the logo displayed in the form of a watermark. When users download and share the content on other platforms, your business identity will always be known to the people who see it

"One of the key goals of web design branding is to make the website stand out from the competition."

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Search engine optimization strategies

Search engine optimization enables your website to rank higher from the results on a search engine. This helps people who are looking for the service or products that your business offers to locate your website easily.


Ensure that your website uses some of the common keywords that people search for when looking for services. Also find a way to add the location and name of the business within the text so that people can find you easily.


What you need to know when selecting keywords for your website is that relevant keywords keep changing every day, which means that what works today many not necessarily work the next day. The keyword search, therefore, is a continuous process and keeping up to date with the keywords will help you raise the position of your website in search engine ranking. You can find the keywords for your business website using the online keyword search tool provided by wordstream


Optimization for mobile devices

Majority of the people who interact with your website do so from mobile devices. Current advancements in technology have made it easier to own a smartphone and opened up internet access to more people.

To make your website be more user friendly, consider using up to date design methods that optimize the website for use on small screens, such as the ones on mobile phones. The flexible design patterns allow users accessing your website from the small screen to have a seamless experience.

Websites that are optimized for mobile devices allow the users to take actions faster. For instance, an e-commerce website that enables buyers to shop, add items to cart, and pay right from the mobile site gets more clients as compared to an ecommerce site that uses the mobile platform only for advertisement and directs buyers to their desktop version of their website when they want to pay for items

Tips for affordable web design branding

Effectively branding a website is by no way an easy task. It requires some level of expertise and time to make your website prominent among the many websites that compete for the attention of the audience. Here are some tips that you can implement to make your website branding journey easier and more effective.

Utilize social media platforms

Social media platforms have the advantage of allowing you to communicate to millions of people all over the world from the comfort of your phone. The beauty of using social media for your business is that good content gets shared widely across the many platforms. This is basically free advertising for your business.


Online businesses, therefore, should invest in building a significant presence on the popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Observe caution when creating content for social media because just as good content gets shared widely, so does negative content. Moreover, only jump on relevant topics that pertain to your business. Don’t overdo marketing on social media by jumping on any topic that goes viral because it creates the impression that you are trying too hard.

"The beauty of using social media for your business is that good content gets shared widely across the many platforms. This is basically free advertising for your business."

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Market with influencers

Growth on social media sites can be accelerated by working with influencers who already have a huge following. Established influencers with millions of followers may charge lots of money to market your business website. Since they get many business proposals, influencers might still market the services of a competitor brand while still doing the same for you.

Instead, consider working with micro influencers to market your business. You save money since micro influencers charge lower rates, thus allowing you to hire more than just one influencer at a time. The micro influencers also have a more authentic audience who relate better to them as compared to bigtime influencers who are in most cases celebrities.

Be careful when choosing the influencer to work with since each influencer has their own audience. For the campaign to be effective, the influencer’s audience should be part of the market your business targets.

Use infographics

Creating custom infographics is easy and can be done online using free tools like Canva. Infographics boost the visibility of your site to a wide audience because they contain relevant information in a brief and easy to share format.


Remember to include the business name, logo, and tagline in every infographic to boost the visibility of your brand. Additional links to your website embedded in the infographic also help the audience locate your website easily.

Templates save time and money

Web design templates save you time that would have otherwise been spent coding the website from scratch or waiting for a developer to deliver the website. Web templates allow you to customize your website without having to write a single line of code and come with useful plugins that you can implement using just a few clicks. For affordable Web Design branding, consider using templates for your homepage and secondary webpages.

Promotional Offers

One of the best ways to capture the attention of an audience is by having offers during holiday celebrations, such as on the Christmas festive season. Offering promotional items or selling some of your products at a discount during such times works to promote your business name. Holiday sales also generate more revenue since people save up to spend during such times.

If your business does not sell products, you can take advantage of the festivities by creating banners and posts wishing your audience a happy festive season.

Customer service

How you treat your customers says a lot about the business. Happy clients will be thrilled to refer their friends to your business if they receive quality services.

Of more importance is how your business addresses problems that arise when doing business. Many at times, customers who make reviews on e-commerce websites focus on how issues like delayed shipping are addressed. Warranty cover is also another thing that potential clients are interested in. When there is evidence of a customer who got a replacement of the product they bought, new customers get confidence in the business and are more inclined to make a purchase.

If your website has a review section, ensure that you always have a person monitoring the comments from customers and follows up any complaints.

Host a webinar

There is no shortage of information you can share on your website. Hosting a webinar allows you to create traffic to your website and gives you the chance to make your business familiar to the people who are interested in the information you share on the webinar.


To attract your target audience, you need to select a topic that many people are interested in. You then need to be creative about how you will sneak in information about the business while at the same time contributing new information relevant to the topic.


Webinars should be short to ensure they remain informative to the end. According to clickmeeting, a good webinar should not be more than one hour long. Conducting live sessions for the webinar is also a good idea since it communicates to the audience that you are knowledgeable on the topic. Allowing a short question and answer session towards the end of a live webinar also helps you to connect with the audience.

"How you treat your customers says a lot about the business. Happy clients will be thrilled to refer their friends to your business if they receive quality services."