Chances are, you’ve put lots of time and deliberation into developing the perfect web design that showcases your image in its best light to visitors. However, your web design is only half the battle, as now you need to determine what you will fill it with. In fact, what you fill your webpages with can make or break your site, as it is the main catalyst for attracting visitors, making it one of, if not the most important features of your web design.
Visitors arrive to your site in search of the products or information they are inquiring about. However, in order for search engines to locate your site and return it in its list of results, your webpage must contain information for it to find you. Meanwhile, sites with good information, or information the search engine deems as high quality and relevant to the visitor’s inquiry, will be returned at the top of the results page, further increasing the chance for visitors to find you. Therefore, you not only want to fill your webpage with information to be found by search engines, but valuable information that puts you at the top of the list, and helps visitors, thus increasing the chance of them participating in what you have to offer.

“Meanwhile, sites with good information, or information the search engine deems as high quality and relevant to the visitor’s inquiry, will be returned at the top of the results page, further increasing the chance for visitors to find you.” – CalTech Web

Quality information is facts that are considered as useful by visitors, which adds to the user experience. Otherwise, if the information provided is regarded as irrelevant, it can put potential customers off and cause them to exit your page prematurely, decreasing your chance of a transaction. Search engines also frown upon sites with poor quality information because it creates a bad user experience, which they strongly discourage. In fact, Google regularly rolls out algorithm updates to prevent sites with a poor user experience from appearing at the top at their results page. One way we help ensure your site’s information creates a good user experience is by creating attention-grabbing headlines that actually describe the information that follows, so visitors know exactly what they are getting, unlike some sites that use intriguing headlines solely to get clicks, only to arrive at their page and find that the headline has nothing to do with the information provided. We also ensure the facts provided are accurate and explained in a way that visitors understand. Our texts are also designed to be easily skimmed as research shows that, rather than reading the entire page, visitors simply glance over the page for the information that interests them. offer.
Content not only includes website texts but also animations, videos, images, and sounds, etc., which can be added to your site to help you stand out from your competitors, while also further piquing visitors’ interests and thus the likelihood they will stick around long enough to view your page in its entirety. In fact, research shows to fully engage visitors in this era of short attention spans, you need to capture their focus within the first few seconds of them accessing your site; otherwise, you risk losing them to another site. Sites with added visuals to support their text have been shown to significantly lower their bounce rate, or the number of visitors who enter their site and quickly leave, thus increasing the number of people who explored other pages on their site to learn more about their business.
Research shows that the more targeted your website’s information, the more quality traffic you will attract. Quality traffic refers to the visitors who come to your site with an intent to engage in your site or to purchase what you have to offer verses those who come to your site with no real interest in your business, which, though may lead to high traffic volumes, leads to low conversion rates and ROI. When you work with us for affordable web design content, the first step we take is to accurately identify your target audience through in-depth market research, which enables us to learn valuable details concerning your audience that can then be used to generate information and aesthetics specific to them, thus increasing your chance at gaining more quality leads. We also use analytic tools to gather more specific information regarding your visitors’ interaction with your page, such as the pages they visit, how long they stayed on a page, the number of page views, and more, which we will also use to help hone your information.
Incorporating the right keywords, or the words and phrases that searchers key into the search box to find your site, also goes a long way towards ensuring you are found by search engines, as well as visitors. The more exact your keywords or phrases are to internet users search terms, the more it enables you to appear in top search results, which further increases your chance of being found by qualified leads. Therefore, as part of our services, we also the research keywords most relevant to your site and then incorporate them into your page to ensure those looking for you or your offerings can easily find you.
Page links direct visitors to even more information regarding the topic at hand, which helps enhance the user experience by making it easy to access additional resources right from the current page. There are essentially two types of page links: internal links and external links. Internal links are hyperlinks on your page that direct visitors to other pages on your site, which makes it easier for them to explore their way around to find what they are in search of. External links, on the other hand, connect your users to other websites for further information. Search engines smile on both types of links because they use links to help them discover information on websites. Furthermore, the more links a page has, the more search engines perceive it as valuable, which also helps increase its ranking in search results. We incorporate only the most relevant and authoritative links into our clients’ webpages, which helps ensure the most helpful information for visitors and the most search engine friendly features for internet bots. In fact, once a page has a high link value with search engines, that link value will be passed on to other links on that page, as well as to other pages on your site, which further increases their search results rankings.
No webpage is complete without a clear and effective call-to-action (CTA), which strongly urges visitors to take action, whether it’s to complete a sale, subscribe to your newsletter or email list, or to contact you for more information. Without one, your visitors won’t be able to convert. However, just because you have a CTA present doesn’t mean they will follow through. Therefore, you need a good call-to-action that grabs your visitors’ attention, sparks their interest, and that makes it easy for them to complete the transaction. Our CTAs are carefully crafted with eye-catching designs that make sure they don’t go unnoticed. We also make sure they are accompanied by simple yet actionable instructions that inspire action. We also incorporate them throughout specific stages of the sales process, and at the right time, to help ensure a smooth transaction once your customers are ready to convert.

Blogging creates many opportunities for your business, including:

Enables You to Stay in Touch With Customers and Potential Customers

It provides a great way to stay in touch with potential customers and keep them in the know concerning your products or service. Enabling the comments section will also allow you to see what your customers have to say, as well as respond to them, which helps build and strengthen your relationship with customers and potential customers.

It Allows You To Show a More Personal Side to Your Business

It’s also a great way to show a more in-depth look into your business and who you are, such as your vision and organizational standards, which helps display the personality and character of your company and thus also helps strengthen your relationship with customers.

It Adds More Pages to Your Site For Search Engines to Index

Blogging also adds pages to your site as well as another opportunity to incorporate links, which helps improve your search engine ranking, while also providing your visitors with more relevant information.

It Helps Build Trust and Influence

Publishing expert, useful information on your blog also helps customers see your competency, which helps establish you as a leader in your field, helping to build trust and influence with potential customers. This in turn also helps inspire more page views, as well as sales.

It Creates the Opportunity to Go Viral

Blog posts also creates the opportunity for others to share your blog link via their social media platform, email, and more, which helps create rapid growth.

It Helps Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Lastly, search engines favor frequently updated content. Hence, blogging also provides a good way to add fresh, new content to your site often.
Essentially, every time you post, it creates another avenue for your site, which helps increase your search engine rankings, as well as the opportunity for customers to see more of your pages.
Using target market research and web analytics, we can also regularly update your site with intriguing posts geared specifically towards your audience

“Search engines smile on both types of links because they use links to help them discover information on websites.” – CalTech Web

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