Affordable Web Design for Cell Phones

Mobile Responsive Web Design is not a fad, it’s mandatory, just ask Google.

The internet has come a long way since inception. Initially, we had it on our desktop devices, quite uncomfortable if you look back at it now. The internet now exists everywhere you look. We now have smart TVs, smartphones, and even smart fridges! So far you can power your internet-enabled device, you are good to go. The availability of the internet everywhere now calls for web design beyond our desktop monitor screens. Web design is a process that involves planning and putting a collection of electronic files together. The design process culminates in an interactive web page for the end-users. Web design has been improved since its inception to fit in on different devices and screen dimensions. Some pages only display well on desktop screens while there are some meant just for Cell phones.

Consider These Things Before Building A Cell Phone Responsive Website.

  1. First is your intention. The intention is the main reason why you want to open a website at first. Is it to create awareness or drive traffic? Let it be clear from the beginning.
  2. Choose how the design will be. Will it be Responsive or Adaptive? A Responsive website appears almost the same way on all devices. You need just one design for it. Whereas, An Adaptive design requires different formats for all devices; tablets, phones, and computers. It means a different experience will get provided to other users based on their devices.
  3. You will also need to decide if you will be employing either a freelance website designer, a website design agency, or a website builder. Your budget may limit you to who or what you may be hiring to help you build your site.

What is Mobile Ready Web Design?

Once all these factors have gotten decided, you can now move on to your website’s design.

Getting a website has a lot of factors tied to it beyond just typing in a web address. The price, motive, audience, and so many other factors determine what the world sees in the end. Nevertheless, to get an affordable web design, there are boxes you should tick. All the necessary details that concern affordable web designs for cell phones will be made known as you read through.

Affordable web design is a process of web design that produces simple output. As the name suggests, it comes at a very reasonable cost. Affordability does not mean a low-quality job. It just won’t be as sophisticated as top-class web design. Affordable web design gets made up of the essential elements that make up a web page. The elements include:

  • Graphics– Graphics is a collection of digital images, clip arts, and logos. All these help to enhance the web design.
  • Colors– colors are almost as important as every other element in web design. Simple colors are the best to start with to enhance readability and interaction with the site.
  • Fonts– Fonts enhance the visibility on your website. Make your fonts as simple as possible to improve user experience. It is essential for your affordable web design.
  • Layout– Layout your web design properly with simple colors, simple fonts with good typography. An affordable design does not mean it must look so bad. Simplicity is the key.
  • Affordable web design can get used to creating web pages for large screens. They can also be used to create websites optimized for mobile devices. Affordable web designs have their benefits.

It is simple to create and also simple to use.

  • Affordable web designs are very cheap to maintain and also very easy to upgrade when the time comes.
  • Businesses that are just starting can get an affordable web design to put them on the map.
  • They are very easy to load when visited and are also light in terms of data consumption.

Mobile web design is the design of web pages for mobile screens or devices. Most times, sites from mobile web designs can work on desktop screens. The web designers work with all screens into consideration. The designs are called a Responsive or Adaptive web design due to its compatibility with any screen that loads it. Mobile web design is now standard due to the increasing number of cell phone users around the world. Besides, it has a lot of numerous benefits, with coverage being the most significant advantage. A mobile web design may be a product of Affordable web design or a more sophisticated one. What matters most is the flexibility that mobile web designs boast of. There are so many other benefits that come with having a Mobile web Design. They are:

  • Level of coverage. Mobile web designs have the means of reaching a larger audience than any other design. The reason for the complete range is the increasing need to access the internet on the go. Desktop computers and Laptop computers may not be easy to lift around. A mobile device can be used anywhere for anything within a short time. Web designs for mobile devices are, therefore, beneficial in terms of reach.
  • Easy to Use- the layout and all other mobile web design elements make the site very easy to navigate. The websites are easy to interact with, and it is quite hard to get lost due to the design’s simplicity.
  • SEO-Friendly- mobile web designs work well with Search Engine Optimization, making the sites very easy to identify by the search engines, thereby increasing traffic. This advantage works well if you are an online trader or content creator. A mobile web design sets every other thing in motion for online merchants.
  • The inclusion of QR codes (Quick Response codes) on packages these days is another reason why Mobile web designs are common and preferable. QR codes are square-shaped with numerous boxes in it. Mobile devices now can scan these QR codes, unlike other devices. Once the code gets scanned, it gives the user additional information on the product. The code can also lead the user to a special offer on the seller’s mobile-friendly site. All these, in turn, helps to improve customer service and relationships.

Overall, the difference between Affordable web designs and Mobile web designs is not much. Affordable web designs can get optimized for both desktop versions and  Mobile versions. It means that an affordable web design may be responsive or not. Mobile web design is strictly for mobile devices. Mobile websites don’t display well on desktop screens because they are not optimized for that purpose. Mobile web designs may be expensive or affordable. It all depends on what gets included in the total package.

Mobile apps are common all around us in this age. They are so common that there is almost an app for everything you want to do. Mobile apps have made life easy for everyone. There are app developers around continually working to deliver apps that make daily tasks easy for us. Mobile apps can only work on mobile devices. The Android operating system and iOS are the most popular systems on mobile devices. Most apps get designed to fit in either of the operating systems. The file extension on the apps makes them compatible with only cell phones. It means they can’t work on desktop and laptop computers—the file extension for mobile apps is.APK for Android and .ipa for apple devices. For most desktop devices, it is a .exe file extension.

Mobile-friendly websites are either ‘Responsive’ sites that can fit in both desktop and mobile screens or just tailored strictly for mobile devices. Mobile-friendly sites fit in perfectly into the screens of various mobile devices. Website developers design these websites with specific parameters that will make the sites work effortlessly on mobile devices. The entire design process gets completed on a desktop or laptop computer through programming. It is then tested for various devices before it gets approved.

However, mobile apps do not influence the workability of mobile-friendly websites in any way at all. Mobile-friendly websites can’t be created on mobile apps, too, for many reasons like website hosting service and A/B  testing. Mobile browsing apps can be used to access supported websites. Aside from that, mobile apps don’t influence the website. Mobile-friendly websites are created entirely on the desktop web and optimized for cell phones and other mobile devices. In summary, you don’t need a Mobile app to have a mobile-friendly site. They are two distinct entities.

  • Mobile Apps are dependent on one platform
  • Mobile Websites work everywhere!
  • Mobile Websites are SEO Friendly!
  • Mobile Websites will be around forever!
  • Mobile Websites are better than Mobile Apps

Most of the time, the elements that go into creating a website determines the cost of web design. Aside from the basic fonts, colors, and layout, a lot has to be done after design to make the site work. At times, you may prefer a custom feature on your website, which doesn’t come free at all. A lot of website builders charge between $3 and $14 for an excellent working mobile site. Those things that go into website design and influence the cost are the following:

Domain Name– The domain name is your website address. It isn’t a one-time payment. Your domain name has to be renewed every year with a separate fee. 

For your website to be seen in searches and worldwide, the website hosting account requires it to get hosted on a server. It is this server or host that connects your website to the internet. The hosting account, too, comes at a cost. Cost varies from one service provider to another, and subscription is monthly or annually on a timely basis.

Software upgrades– on completion of your website, it doesn’t run and work well forever. Websites need upgrades always to let it work. Upgrades are also necessary to reduce the risk of your website getting hacked. Some website agencies do run upgrades for their clients. It comes at a cost, though.

Email service– it is an optional element based on the owner’s preferences. Some service providers include it in the hosting package while some charge separately.

Support– If you are the busy type and won’t manage your website, some web design agencies will engage in the maintenance of your website for an agreed period.

Plugins– plugins on your website makes your site look sophisticated with all the lovely buttons hanging around your page. They are paid for and also renewed every year. The cost of running Plugins can run into hundreds of dollars at the end of the year. It depends on the number of plugins you have running at once.

However, there are cheap and simple alternatives to those mentioned above. It may not be advisable to use these alternatives, but an affordable website design for cellphones would require mid-range resources to work well. It also ensures that the best user experience gets given at your money’s worth. Due to different locations, determining the price may not be easy. It is safe to say that between $3000 and $8000, an affordable website for cellphones will get provided. But not with CalTech Web, we only charge $99/month for the whole package!

Any professional website designer can design websites to suit any need. The way a website design will turn out highly depends on the intention and instructions given to the web designer. It helps to point the designer in a specific direction. The truth is that most web designers consider mobile devices while working. After creating the website, it has to get properly tested. If the results don’t look suitable for mobile devices, then the website must be worked on again until success gets attained. The same designer worked on other web designs that will work on cell phone-friendly web designs. The amount of money meant for the project is not a determinant of how it will turn out. The instructions given to the professional designer is what will determine what gets delivered to you.


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