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The right web design logo will serve as the starting point for branding your business. It is an essential tool for differentiating yourself from competitors. Why? Because it is unique, and customers will use the logo to identify your products and services.

Given what’s at stake, you want to get your company logo right from the very start. Remember, changing your logo may be as dangerous as it is advantageous. Creating a new logo means that customers have to adjust to a new identity, but it also means that they may perceive your business positively. Whichever the case, you need to have a professional logo designer create a logo or guide you on how to make a fabulous one.

Suppose your business is only starting and still deciding what logo to place on their website, welcome aboard. If you wish to change an old logo to something trendy, you are also in the right place. We’ll cover everything from how much to pay for a logo, how to choose the right designer, and resources that can help create a low-cost logo.

Let’s get started, shall we?

The amount of money you want to spend on a logo is almost always up to you. If you happen to be on a shoestring budget, you can select an affordable web design logo maker that will cost you as little as $10. There are also free logo generators out there.

Of course, you may want a high-quality, custom logo that captures the identity of your business. Such a scenario may require you to seek the services professional website logo designer. Here, the cost goes a little higher and may top a few thousand dollars.

In truth, myriad factors go into determining how much you pay for a logo. Therefore, it is advisable to first decide on the logo budget then check on the available options. If you are ever in doubt about what logo is best for your site, be sure to engage a logo expert. You might get a freelancer for some $300.

“The right web design logo will serve as the starting point for branding your business.” – Caltech Web


A logo on your website isn’t just a tool for decorating your navigation bar. It creates an online identity and makes it easy for users to recognize your business. The results of creating an identity include reduced customer confusion. There may be other websites offering similar products and services as you, but your logo may help differentiate your business from competitors.

Secondly, logos usually have a beautiful blend of striking colors. This quality may help attract a user to your website. Generally, increased traffic translates to increased conversions. At the end of it all, you stand to rake in more cash as your site becomes popular.

Thirdly, logos help create consistency. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to find a business that exists only on a website. Brands go on to have presences in social media accounts and online directories. Having a distinctive logo allows users to identify a brand wherever its name comes up.

Finally, logos are among the foundations of brand loyalty. After you strategize, your website becomes popular due to valuable products, services, or information. Soon, you will start having repeat customers. What is the first thing they will look for on your website? Your logo! Wherever they will see it, they shall trust your website as they previously did.

There are four main ways to get the logo at an affordable price. We should point out that affordability is relative. What one website owner may consider a fair price might be a tremendous cost for another business. However, we will tackle all sources of quality logos. It matters not if your business is established or new and operating on a tight budget – there is something for everyone.

“A logo on your website isn’t just a tool for decorating your navigation bar.” – Caltech Web


Budget: $0 – $50
Creating the site logo by yourself is the cheapest way to design it. There are two ways to execute a DIY logo design project.

The first assumes that you have some knowledge of using a logo design software, say Illustrator. Armed with the skills to exploit its features, you can create a custom logo for free. All you have to do is dedicate your time and effort. Within a couple of hours, your logo should be ready.

The other method assumes you don’t know how to use design software. Therefore, you have to use a logo generator when designing. Some generators are free to use but may output generic logos. Others charge up to $50. They may have unique symbols, fonts, and export your logo in different formats.

There are three main factors to look for when choosing a logo generator:

  • User-Friendly Platform

Indubitably, you need to pick a logo maker that is easy to use. An ideal generator should have starting templates and easy-to-find features.

With developments in technology, there are AI-based generators. When using them, all you have to do is answer a couple of questions. Afterward, you will select a few options among several logos so that the system can get your preferences right. The generator will then create a logo using your answers and favorite options.

  • Cost

While some logo creators are entirely free, some will make your part with a few dollars. You want to select the one that fits your budget. Unquestionably, it would help if you never compromised on logo quality to save a few bucks.

  • Features

It would be best if you were on the lookout for features presented by a logo generator. The larger the variety of customization tools, the better the creator. Limited features may lead to the creation of a generic logo.

Budget: $300 – $2000
Sometimes. a logo creator fails to give the desired output. At the same time, you may have the ability to increase the logo design budget. These scenarios pave the way for hiring a freelance logo designer. You will have an expert handle all the tasks associated with making a logo.

With a low budget, you may not get the quality you so much desire. Seasoned designers may not settle for less than $800.

Regardless of your budget, it would help if you vetted the freelancer thoroughly. There should be a portfolio where they can refer you to. If there isn’t, that’s a red flag. Think twice before engaging the services of such a freelancer.

Undoubtedly, it is better to get a freelancer through a referral. Some may steal logos from other designers, and you may never know it. However, referrals reduce risks such as those significantly. You may also read customer reviews and check on the designer’s ratings if using a site such as Fiverr.

Two of the most vital factors to consider when hiring a freelance logo designer is their cost and experience. Some designers charge per hour, which may be expensive than those who get paid per project. You can have the freelancer present a budget in terms of time and money before they start. That way, you can compare whether to go with the hourly or project charging methods.

Additionally, getting the freelancer experience is paramount. If they have a referee, verifying their expertise is simple. Other designers may refer you to a personal website where you can review their past works. If in doubt, go on to check what clients are saying about the freelancer on social media.

Budget: $300 – $2500
If you have some money to spare and about two weeks’ worth of time, then logo design contests are ideal for you. With this method, you two benefits blended into one.

Firstly, you can save on costs. Websites that run contests have various packages when paying for the logo. For as little as $300, you may get up to 75 designs. Chances are you will fall in love with one of them. There are also sites out there charging as little as $200 for 50 logos.

Secondly, you get to work with a large pool of designers. The more logo designers you get, the higher the chances of getting some quality output. Most platforms allow you to communicate directly with a designer so that they can fine-tune your logo. Using your feedback, creating a unique logo becomes easier.

One of the challenges associated with logo design contests is communicating with a designer. It may seem easy, but talking to three or four freelancers is no piece of cake. Also, you must know how to compose briefs. If you happen to be having trouble getting through to a designer, be sure to contact the websites customer care. They may help write the right messages.

Further, numerous logos may throw you into confusion. Choosing a single logo among tens or hundreds is no easy feat. The simplest way to go about it is by getting a second opinion about the logo you choose. You can ask a designer or talk about it with a friend.

Budget: $2500 +
Hiring a logo design agency is the surest way to get a custom logo. However, the cost factor takes the front seat here. A basic package that includes consultation and designing a logo may cost $10,000.

The chief advantage of hiring an agency is quality. They provide you with a team of experts who look at every aspect of creating a logo. Other than examining a logo’s uniqueness, they work on aesthetic values such as colors and typefaces. Agencies also look at how well the logo represents what the business is about.

Remember, visitors have about eight seconds to be attracted to a product. Your logo can help deliver great likeability in a short period. Design agencies analyze a logo’s visual aspects, such as iconography, which ensures first-time visitors like and remember it.

Hurdles such as poor communication become non-existent with logo design agencies. You have a dedicated team of experts who you can talk to about anything concerning your logo. They keep in touch with you throughout the process of designing a logo from scratch. If you have any reservations, they can implement even the smallest tweaks. Occasionally, you may make suggestions detrimental to the quality of your logo. In such a case, the team explains why adding it is disastrous.

Logo design agencies can have your product ready in as little as 15 hours. Should you have a considerable number of requirements, it can take longer. But given the level of expertise and dedication most agencies put in their projects, it shouldn’t take long to get a ready product.

So, how much does a logo cost?

A logo’s cost depends on the budget you have. If you have no money to spend on a logo, there is still a way for you to get it. You can also spend tens of thousands of dollars. It’s safe to say that a company logo costs as much as you can afford.

If you finally decide to create the logo yourself, a few tips may come in handy to ease the design process. Some general guidelines, such as creating a memorable logo, may not help that much. However, actionable advice that designers follow is a crucial ingredient in designing a great logo. Here is what you should do when undertaking a DIY logo design project:

It’s always a good idea to examine the logos of your competitors. While what works for them may not be ideal for you, it may be a starting point. You don’t have to copy their logo, just get inspired and design your own. Sometimes, generic logos may be excellent ideas. It might not hurt to use a pizza symbol if you are launching a pizza business. Many other websites can be using it, but you can have a unique logo with good personalization.

It is a good idea to use visual salience to add conspicuousness to your logo. Among the top ways of doing so is employing the use of a pop of color. What does this mean?

Do you remember that Amazon’s logo is just a name in dark fonts? But there is that orange smiley arrow pointing “a” and “z.” Right there, we have a pop of color. The conspicuous orange color makes the logo noticeable. Indubitably, you don’t have to duplicate Amazon’s style. For example, you can make the first letter of a name visible using a larger font or a striking color.

Your final product of a logo is usually an image. There several image formats, the most popular being JPG, JPEG, and PNG. You may not want these to be the format of your logo image. JPEGs lose quality whenever you save them in new storage devices. Additionally, it may be difficult to stretch them and place the logo on something like a billboard. The image becomes blurred when strained.

The preferable format is vectored EPS. With this format, you are free to scale the logo up or down as much as you want. Want to place a large version of the logo on the site’s navigation bar and a small image on the footer? The EPS vector format got your back. Besides using a logo during website design, you may print it on t-shirts and pens to market your brand.

With these tips, creating a unique, quality logo becomes achievable. You may have to polish your design skills by learning color matching, logo creation trends, and best practices by seasoned designers.

It is possible to start creating a logo, and the procedure seems too difficult. In such a case, you should let the professionals take the wheel. The biggest demerit of an awkwardly designed logo is wastage of resources. It takes both time and money to fix a wrongful logo. Once customers associate your business with a particular logo, the process of making them love a new one may be costly.

When choosing a professional logo designer, conducting due diligence is essential. Examine the designer’s portfolio and have a look at their client reviews. Also, tell the logo designer everything about your website or venture so that the company logo they create captures it. Unquestionably, you need to go over the contract and fully understand it. The last thing you want is a logo whose full ownership rights belong to someone else.

A website logo provides a simple way for you to create a consistent image online. You need to have an excellent web design logo as it helps with your marketing and branding efforts. Moreover, your customers expect a fabulous logo.

However, it isn’t a must to get a captivating logo at a high price. With free resources, you can create a logo that symbolizes your business and, at the same time, attracts potential clients. Nevertheless, we recommend hiring a professional designer to create a logo for you. That way, you can concentrate on the core tasks of getting your website design project up and running.

“It is a good idea to use visual salience to add conspicuousness to your logo.” – Caltech Web

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