Affordable Web Design Typography

Affordable Web Design Typography

If you have been thinking about resources that provide affordable web design typography, then you are on the right track of developing a user-friendly website. Styling letters and symbols make up 95% of designing. This fact makes it take a front seat when it comes to web design. We cannot adequately stress the importance of styling your web content the right way. Not only does the suitable typeface allow the arrangement of headers hierarchically, but it also paves the way for evoking certain emotions from your website visitors. The way you present words on your website matters so much that we recommend hiring an expert to help you understand the best way to use available typefaces. Before we talk about places to source affordable typefaces, let’s take an in-depth look at why it’s so important.

It is a technique of styling digital and printed text. When it comes to web design, we can extend the definition to accommodate formatting, kerning, and leading.

While there are hundreds of thousands of fonts out there, we can classify them into five primary types:

• Serif
• Sans serif
• Slab serif
• Handwritten
• Script

Depending on your target audience and the message you wish to send, the five types can be ideal for you. But since they spread to almost a million lettering types, you might want to get a web design expert to choose three of four to use on your website.

Undoubtedly, the words placed on your website are vital. But the way you present them is even more essential. You can influence the readability, perception, and emotions of a visitor just by styling letters. Some of the reasons you want to get your font-faces right are:

“If you have been thinking about resources that provide affordable web design typography, then you are on the right track of developing a user-friendly website.”-Caltech Web

  • Consistency – Using similar text formatting on related sections of different web pages helps maintain consistency. You may use a serif face like Century on the navigation, a sans serif like Arial in the body section, and a slab serif face such as Clarendon on the footer. In so doing, the visitor will easily figure out the part of a web page they are on.
  • Highlight Different Messages -If you want to draw the reader’s attention to specific information on the site, different font-faces may help you achieve that. For example, it’s imperative to have the Call to Action (CTA) stand out. You can use a fun, high-contracts color here. It would also be a good idea to differentiate between primary and secondary information using font-faces. You can make the content you want a visitor to see first bold. Texts on sidebars can have a lesser size but must remain eligible.
  • Influence A Visitor’s Emotions (And Perception) – It is easy to make a visitor feel that your website represents a formal business using different font-faces. For example, legal firms can go with the classic serif typeface. Change your font choice, and just like that, the visitors view your business differently. You may also affect a user’s emotions through text styling. The use of handwritten typefaces in fashion stores online creates a fun environment that gets prospective buyers in the mood for shopping.

“If you want to draw the reader’s attention to specific information on the site, different font-faces may help you achieve that. For example, it’s imperative to have the Call to Action (CTA) stand out.” – CalTech Web

Which is the best place to get letter styling resources for web design for a WordPress website? Well, the answer is a lot of places. There hundreds of resources where you can get the typeface of your choice. Some are free, but other vendors charge for their service. A list of the top ten places to get affordable web design typography includes:

  • GoogleFonts

Providing web designers with 1005 font-families that spread to thousands of styles, GoogleFonts remains to be among the best places to get typefaces for free. What’s more, you can try the typefaces in over 130 languages. Google has licensed all the typescripts on its platform. Therefore, you can use them, even for commercial purposes, without fear of legal repercussions.

One of the outstanding features of the GoogleFonts platform is its ease of use. You can filter lettering types by category by clicking on a checkbox. Additionally, Google allows you to preview typefaces. They display font-families in easy-to-navigate columns.

Using font-faces from Google is relatively easy. You may download them and incorporate them into your site using Android Studio. Of course, after downloading, you may use the lettering types offline. Alternatively, you can use Google’s API to implement the typefaces on a website.

If you wish to ease the process of font selection without spending a dime, GoogleFonts is your ideal resource.

  • Creative Market

One of the easiest ways to make your website look professionally designed is using typefaces from Creative Market. Their library of over 15000 typescripts eliminates the possibility of implementing generic font-faces that makes your site look like a copycat.

As with most prominent vendors, Creative Market provides a preview of available lettering types. They go a step further and show you how the letters will look like on a colored template. Furthermore, there are no hidden costs here as they print the total price right below the typescript.

A significant merit of using Creative Market is the additional resources they provide. Other than paid fonts, they offer photos, graphics, templates, and themes. It is, therefore, a one-stop-shop for web designers. Moreover, their blog is a resourceful knowledge base where new users can learn the easiest way to buy and use font-faces from Creative Market.

Creative Market tries to increase affordability by providing numerous discounts. At times, you can download premium typefaces for free.

  • 1001fonts

This resource provides you with a massive library of typefaces for personal or commercial use. 1001fonts stands out due to its free colossal font-family collection that doesn’t compromise quality. Using their typefaces, you stand to create an elegant, unique site devoid of mismatched text styles.

Using 1001fonts is relatively easy. You can browse through their list of typescripts and look at previews of the face. Afterward, you can download zipped folders where the .ttf or .otf files live. You can use these to install the free fonts on your server or PC and continue developing your website.

1001fonts remarkably shows you what users are saying about specific typescripts. Therefore, you never have to worry about downloading a font-face that doesn’t work or has few characters. To get more features from this platform, you can easily create an account.

Be careful sourcing lettering types from 1001fonts. Always select the “only view typescripts that are free for commercial use.” That way, you eliminate the chance of using typefaces illegally.

  • FontSquirrel

One of the top sources of affordable web design resources for commercial use is FontSquirrel. They license all their commercial lettering types and provide them to designers in a readily usable format. While FontSquirrel doesn’t have many web design assets to offer, their quality is high enough to obscure this issue.

The beautiful interface at FontSquirrel is a plus for the website. You can easily navigate through the site and preview typescripts that you might want to use. If you are having trouble finding fabulous type styles, you can sort results alphabetically. Also, downloading and using lettering types is as easy as it gets.

FontSquirrel shows you categories of the most recent and popular font-faces. Therefore, you can be sure to use the trendiest and latest typefaces on the internet. If you aim to create an original and unique typescript, FontSquirrel is ideal for you. They have an easy-to-use font generator to help you get started with web-fonts.

“A significant merit of using Creative Market is the additional resources they provide.” – CalTech Web

  • Dafont

There are few vendors with a platform that is as user-friendly as that of Dafont. Should you use it as your source of typefaces, you stand to download thousands of quality typescripts free of charge. However, you can’t use some font-faces for commercial purposes. Be sure to read the license before making a download.

Dafont’s website consists of well-placed sections such that users can see everything in one go. They even place newly added lettering types right on the home page. There is a conveniently placed pagination section allowing you to visit more pages.

Every typescript on Dafont’s website features a dedicated download button. Before downloading, you can go to the font-specific page and test it out using custom sentences. That way, you don’t have to worry that your website content won’t look good with a font choice. After checking typescripts out, you can download the zipped folder containing the .ttf or .otf file and be on your way to creating a well-designed site.

  • Fontspace

With over 65000 typescripts, tens of thousands of which you can use commercially free of charge, Fontspace is a genuinely innovative tool for letter styling maniacs. Thousands of designers upload their artistically created lettering types every year. Be sure to find quality free fonts for your WordPress site.

If you use Fontspace as your styling resource, you will find their website to be simply amazing. They enlist typescripts on the home page, each with its text box where you test using your own words. What’s more, you can change the lettering’s color on the fly.

For greater ease of use, Fontspace allows you to download lettering types even without creating an account. Typically, a download shouldn’t take more than ten seconds. If you think you will be using the website a lot in the foreseeable future, it’s a good idea to sign up. Doing so allows you to create personal collections and upload your typescripts to help other typographers.

  • Fontfabric

The chief merit of using Fontfabric is finding legible lettering types that you can use for branding. While this vendor doesn’t have a massive collection of typescripts, you can be sure to find font-faces with real-world applications. Therefore, you avert the pain of scanning thousands of fonts-faces that you can never use on your website.

Fontfabric dedicates to providing classy typefaces not found anywhere else. Most of their typescripts are free to use for personal and commercial uses. However, there are two font-faces that you may have to buy: Baron and Muller Narrow. Otherwise, you can use all the others according to the terms and conditions.

If you want customized letter styles for your website, Fontfabric is your go-to vendor. Of course, they charge for this service, but it’s nothing exaggerated. They also offer decent discounts for ready-to-use premium typescripts.

  • Fontfreak

If you want your typeface collection to include 9000 new lettering types, Fontfreak is an excellent tool. The vendor points out that they have daily typescript updates that add to the website’s already massive library. Over 400 designers work tirelessly to upload fresh, quality font-faces.

Fontfreak doesn’t offer free typefaces only. You can purchase approximately 125000 lettering types from their website. As expected, you can filter font-faces alphabetically to ease the font selection process. Additionally, they provide lettering software, including editors and managers. You can buy them easily online after testing them in a trial period.

It is worth noting one you can download an entire library of font-faces on Fontfreak. This feature is so convenient when you want to download multiple typescripts at once. Once you have time, you can carefully select the font-face that fits your website or brand. The typefaces from this vendor work well on Mac and Windows.

  • Abstractfonts

One of the most straightforward websites to get cheap web design letter styling is Abstractfonts. You can quickly sort typefaces alphabetically. If you prefer using lettering types from only specific designers, this vendor allows you to do that.

Abstractfonts comes across as a vital resource for web designers that are looking for unique typescripts. There are about 13500 font-faces on their website. While it may sound that selecting the ideal font-face is tricky, that is not the case. The sorting mechanism, coupled with a clean design, makes getting your typescripts hassle-free.

There are more than five categories of lettering types on Abstractfonts that you can’t find anywhere else. This feature alone makes Abstractfonts outstanding. Also, you may upload your favorite typescripts and help other designers make their sites beautiful.

“Abstractfonts comes across as a vital resource for web designers that are looking for unique typescripts.” – CalTech Web

  • Fontstruct

If you are having trouble getting the right lettering for your brand or business, you will find Fontstruct to be an invaluable resource. Besides providing thousands of free typefaces, Fontstruct also allows you to create custom lettering types unique to your business.

One of the notable merits of using Fontstruct is the ability to modify typescripts. You might find a suitable font-face but feel that you can make it better by twitching it slightly. While doing this is impossible with other vendors, Fontstruct makes it possible. They avail powerful software to customize typescripts at no cost.

After making a font, download its .ttf file is relatively easy. You may also share the typefaces so that another designer can modify it.

Letter styling is a subtle, almost unnoticeable part of web design. However, it doesn’t mean that you should give it the least thought. It plays a vital role in the impression your website creates. Additionally, it influences readability, which goes on to affect conversion rates.

Numerous guidelines can help implement letter styling the right way, but three of them stand out:

  • Avoid Using Too Many Typefaces

A typical website should contain no more than four lettering types. You can use a unique font-face on the logo, another on the header, and one more on the body. Of course, you may have different headings that create an opportunity for a different typeface.

  • Never Compromise Readability

No matter how fun or elegant you want your typeface to be, try not to make it difficult for the reader to figure words out. You can incorporate aspects like line-height and leading that increase readability levels.

Also, learn how colors affect a visitor’s ability to read. You don’t want light-colored letters on a light-colored background.

  • Learn the Trends

While some designers use elegant lettering types repeatedly, keeping ubiquitous typescripts off your website is a good idea. They make your site look too generic.

Letter styling trends such as humanizing the serifs can help your website look classic. Additionally, many websites are embracing rounded sans serifs and hand-drawn typefaces.

While trying to stay trendy, be sure not to use a typeface whose implications you don’t understand. For example, rounded sans may make your website appear as if it addresses a young audience. You might want to keep it off formal sites, such as financial consultancy websites.

  • Let Your Content Do the Styling

While letter styling is an essential part of web design, you don’t have to spend a lot to get it right. Many resources can provide you with free fonts when developing a WordPress site on a shoestring budget. For exceptional uniqueness, you can get some paid fonts from the vendors we discussed above.

However, web calligraphy is an evolving subject. It is a good idea to get your practices up-to-date to avert the downsides of out-of-fashion typefaces. Of course, one of the easiest ways to get professionally applied typographies if hiring a web design expert.

We wish you all the best in implementing affordable web design typography on your website.

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