Tagging Everyone!

When posting on social media, you should tag as many relevant people and companies as possible to make sure that they see your post. You should also follow the steps below to increase the odds of someone seeing your post:

1. Tag other people in the post so that it appears on their feeds too. This is especially important if you want to engage with people outside your own friend list.

2. Share it on Facebook and Twitter more than once so that it appears in the newsfeeds of your followers more often.

3. Change your privacy settings to ‘public’ or ‘friends of friends’, depending on the platform, so that anyone who visits the website can see your content; if it’s not public, then there’s a limit to how many people will see it.

4. Share it in a blog post or article that you’ve written.

5. Share it on Pinterest so that people discover it while looking for related content.

6. Post and promote the same content on all of your social media accounts, not just one or two of them.

7. If you can get some people to share your post with their followers too, you’ll create goodwill and customers you couldn’t reach on your own.

Jessica Biggs of BlueTuskr says, “Use location tagging on your social media post for Instagram. Instagram will display your content to the area that is tagged.”

Not Tagging Everyone!

When we are posting on social media, it’s sometimes tempting to tag everyone in the photo or caption. However, if you do this, then you’re being a spammer and can get penalized for it.

Instead, tag just the people who must see your post or those that you don’t mind seeing it. Keep in mind that if a user has marked their social media profile as private, then they won’t be able to view any of your content anyway. So tagging them is pretty useless.

Also, if you are using a hashtag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter that is not popular or well-known enough, then people won’t be able to see it unless they have the right app installed. This can hurt your engaging potential as well as your exposure too.

To ensure you don’t spam your social media profiles, stick to this rule of thumb: Only tag those that need to see it.

Kevin Miller of KevinMiller.com recommends staying connected with customers, “One key trick businesses can do is interacting with potential customers”.


Should you tag everyone or not? I guess it just depends.

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