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Powerhouse Bakery Website

Powerhouse Bakery needed a new website.

Powerhouse Bakery owner, Suzanne, didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on it. They wanted something that was easy to update and maintain without breaking the bank.

Most bakery website designers are expensive and the websites are difficult to update. These sites often take weeks or months before you can start using them, so you end up paying for all of those unused days in your contract.

CalTech Web created an affordable website for Powerhouse Bakery. This website is a custom ecommerce website with unlimited updates. Our websites are designed by our team from scratch instead of being based off an existing template like some other companies do. This means we have complete control over the design process and can make sure that our clients get what they need while saving money in the process! We’ve been able to help hundreds of businesses just like yours create their own online presence at prices they can afford.

Your website next?

If your restaurant or bakery needs a new website, just let us know. No obligation, no pressure. We’re available to help!

ONLY $99 per month!

No design fees.No hourly rates. No hassle. It’s that simple.