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We build and maintain affordable church websites that support pastoral ministry and invite more people to meet, love, and follow Jesus.

Church Web Design

Sermon upload included!
$ 149/mo $0 startup fee (Expires December 31, 2023)
  • Everything in Standard Plus...
  • Online Giving Tools
  • Weekly Sermon Uploads
  • No hidden fees

We serve the church by giving
more time to minister

We Believe...

Only 1 in 10 pastors will retire as a pastor. That means 90% eventually find a non-pastoral job.

90% of pastors report ministry is completely different than what they thought it would be.

52% of pastors feel overworked.

Your church website can be a contributing factor in each of these stats. We take on the full burden of your website. That enables you to preach, teach, lead, shepherd and love the body to which God has called you.

*Statistics provided by The Fuller Institute, George Barna, Lifeway, Schaeffer Institute of Leadership Development, and Pastoral Care Inc.

You didn’t become a pastor because you wanted to update your church website.

However, it needs to be done and finding a consistent source of volunteers with website skills can be difficult.

What would you do with an extra 3 hours every week? We’ll take that responsibility of updating and maintaining your church website affordably.

That includes converting and uploading your sermons, every week!

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We need to make sure you and your church are a good fit. We only support Bible preaching, evangelical, Christian churches and ministries.

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We’ll Get To Work

Receive a design sneak peek within 7-14 days. After you approve, we’ll get your website online ASAP!

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Go Live!

Need changes or updates to your church website? Just let us know and we’ll make all of your changes at no additional cost!

“Managing my church website and personal ministry website would take me at least 3 hours a week, maybe more. The people at CalTech Web have been maintaining my website for many years, it’s easily worth the minimal cost to give me more ministry hours each week.”

Bryan Newberry, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Los Alamitos

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