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About CalTech Web

CalTech Web (CTW) is a web design and development company headquartered in Madera, California. CTW serves companies, churches, and non-profit organizations around the nation with many local companies benefiting from their ongoing maintenance and update plans.

A sample of current local clients include: 

Company founder Brandon Hopkins was born and raised in California, having lived his entire life in the Central Valley. He has been married for 18 years, has 7 children, lives in Madera, and is your initial point of contact.

Request for Proposal

RFP: Your Organization

Proposal Due By: December 31, 2021

CalTech Web (CalTechWeb.com)

Project Overview:

Your organization desires to recreate and reimagine what its website should be. A modern website should include social media integration and have a highly responsive and attractive design.

Project Goals:

  • Recreate the Organization website with a modern, attractive and responsive design.

  • Make any updates and changes for the Organization, both during the creation of the new website and in an ongoing capacity. Organization, a registered 501(c)(5), needs an affordable maintenance plan which includes changes, updates, hosting, and usability testing.

  • Integrate social media to display updates on Organization website, including, but not limited to, Facebook and Instagram.

  • CalTech Web will include a modern Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, to ensure future compatibility with all modern web browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Scope of Work:

CalTech Web (CTW) will take the existing Organization website and completely reimagine the website to be intuitive, interactive, and engaging. Existing content will be repurposed and reused. Any content that Organization would like to change or replace will be done at no additional charge. Content is to be provided by Organization.


CTW will present Organization with a design for review and approval within 2 weeks of signed contract acceptance.


If Organization would like changes, or to see a completely different design, one will be provided at no additional charge. There are no revision limits, design change limits, or update limits. Unlimited updates will ensure the Organization website will be adaptable to any future changes on social media platforms or other technologies.

Current Roadblocks and Barriers to Success

  • The Organization website has not been updated regularly and should reflect the commitment of its members through presenting a current and updated website. Much of the current Organization website is outdated and has not been updated within the past six months.

  • Social media accounts are not displayed on Organization website.

  • Organization website has errors that render certain parts unusable.

Requirements from CWA

  • CTW will provide email updates to Organization. Organization will need to provide a point person to review emails and oversee changes.

  • In order to meet the two-week deadline, Organization is expected to reply to emails promptly. Slow replies will extend the deadline, but will not adversely affect the project in any other way. If you need more time, CTW will extend as much time as required by Organization.

Pricing Details

  • $2250 one-time startup fee (discounted from $4000).

  • $149 monthly maintenance fee.

  • Total of $2399 due upon signed contract acceptance. 

Project Due By: Two weeks after contract acceptance

Contact:  Brandon Hopkins

Email: brandon@caltechweb.com

Phone:  (800) 781-7146

RFP/RFQ Web Design and Development

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