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Madera County Farm Bureau

Image of the Madera County Farm Bureau's new website designed by CalTech Web.
CalTech Web announces a new website design for the Madera County Farm Bureau (MCFB). The MCFB serves as a voice for agriculture in Madera County, California, representing local farmers and ranchers. With over 1,200 members, the bureau not only supports the farming community but also promotes buying local produce and sponsors scholarships for students. The website features sections on membership registration, local farmers market details, and information on elected officials. It emphasizes water conservation, Madera County's agricultural statistics, and offers premium memberships through the "Friends of the Farm Bureau" initiative. The site is a comprehensive resource for those interested in Madera County agriculture. Source:

Madera County Farm Bureau Receives New Website Design

Madera, Calif., October 1, 2023, CalTech Web, a web design vendor in California, is excited to announce another California Farm Bureau website client! The Madera County Farm Bureau needed a new redesign and ongoing website support.

The person tasked with website updates and changes, was busy with her actual job and didn’t have time to maintain the website. She was thrilled that CalTech Web could make all of the changes and didn’t charge an hourly fee for any maintenance!

For a flat fee CalTech Web redesigned the website, went through multiple rounds of revisions until they were happy with the look and feel.

CalTech Web continues to maintain and support the website including website hosting, updates, maintenance, changes, backups, and anything the MCFB needs! All of this for only $149/month!

Christina and Madera County Farm Bureau were a dream to work with! They had an idea of what they wanted and worked with us to turn it into a reality. We truly enjoyed helping them transform the MCFB website into what you see today.
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Brandon Hopkins
CalTech Web Founder

About the Madera County Farm Bureau

The Madera County Farm Bureau (MCFB) serves as the unified voice of agriculture, striving to enhance the lives of rural Americans and foster strong, prosperous agricultural communities. Positioned in Madera County, California, the bureau represents local farmers and ranchers, ensuring a consistent supply of fresh, safe produce. With a robust membership of 1,200 individuals, MCFB encompasses not only members of the farming community but also the general public who recognize the significance of supporting local farmers. Their commitment extends beyond just farming; they sponsor scholarships for students pursuing degrees at accredited universities and host events like the Annual Scholarship Fundraiser. The bureau also emphasizes the importance of buying local, promoting the idea of purchasing food produced as close to home as possible.

CalTech Web Designs Madera County Farm Bureau’s New Website

The Madera County Farm Bureau website has various sections dedicated to membership registration, details about the local farmers market, and information on elected officials who work diligently to achieve the organization’s goals. There’s also a section highlighting the importance of water conservation, showcasing the legislative measures taken in this regard. The site provides insights into Madera County’s agricultural statistics, emphasizing that farming remains a vital aspect of life for many in the region. Additionally, the “Friends of the Farm Bureau” initiative offers premium memberships for businesses and individuals who wish to contribute more significantly to the bureau’s objectives. The website also keeps its visitors updated with the latest news, stories, and agricultural tips.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations with an interest in agriculture, local farming practices, and rural community development would find the Madera County Farm Bureau’s website immensely valuable. Whether you’re a local farmer seeking representation, a student eyeing scholarship opportunities in agriculture, or a consumer keen on understanding the importance of buying local produce, the site offers a wealth of information tailored to your needs. Entrepreneurs and businesses can benefit from the Friends of the Farm Bureau initiative, which provides premium memberships for those wanting to make a more significant commitment to the bureau’s goals. Additionally, the Farmers Market section emphasizes the concept of purchasing food produced close to home, while the Elected Officials page sheds light on the individuals working behind the scenes to ensure the organization’s objectives are met. For those keen on academic pursuits in agriculture, the Scholarship section provides details on opportunities sponsored by the bureau. In essence, the website serves as a comprehensive hub for all things related to agriculture in Madera County.

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